Clear Films


Clear polyester film with scratch resistant coating on the front side suitable for structured printing with UV lacquers. High UV-stability. The reverse side has an ink receptive coating.

Material is available with a thickness of 0.13 mm and 0.18 mm.

GO-HC NQ will replace the product GO-HC.

Available in sheets and rolls. Sheets available in standard packing unit or on demand. All sheets and rolls are equipped with blue self-adhesive protective film on the reverse side as standard. If the second side is covered as well with protection film this film will be transparent.

Cut sheets

Art. NumberNominal thickness (mm)Packing quantity


Art. NumberLength (m)Nominal thickness (mm)

Technical data


  • Ink receptive coating
  • Suitable for textured laquers
  • With UV protection

Excellent chemical resistance to common industrial solvents and household chemicals - please refer to Folex "Chemical Resistance Datasheet".

Folex products can be printed digital and screen in many cases with excellent results. We offer improved versions dedicated for digital printing.


PropertyTest MethodValue
ThicknessFolex method0.13 - 0.14 mm (0,13 mm), 0.18 - 0.19 mm (0,18 mm)
HazeASTM D1003-770,3 - 1,5%
Gloss level (20°)ASTM D2457-70, ASTM D523165 - 175 GU
Total luminous transmissionASTM D1003-7789 - 93%
Yellowness IndexDIN 61671.02 (0,13 mm), 1.08 (0,18 mm)
EmbossingFolex methodpossible
Tensile strength at break1ASTM D 882170 N/mm2
Switch lifeFolex method according to DIN 42115 > 5 Mio. flexes
Abrasion testFolex methodDelta Haze: 0.6 - 9.0
adhesion of coatingFolex methodpassed
Chemical stabilityFolex methodgood
Dielectric strength1ASTM D14916,5 kV (0,13mm)/ 19,0 kV (0,18mm)
Dielectric constant 1ASTM D150-98 (2004), 1 kHz 2,27 (0,13mm)/ 2,42 (0,18mm)
Shrinkage TD130°C 30 min Folex method< 0,5%
Shrinkage MD130°C 30 min Folex method< 1%
Maximum processing temperature120°C
Max. use temp45°C/ 80°C (with embossing/ without embossing)2
Min. use temp0°C/ -20°C (with embossing/ without embossing)2
Melting temperature1ASTM E794-85255°C
Roughness RaEN ISO 4287, ASME B46.10.04 - 0.25 µm
Pencil hardnessFolex method3 H
Scratch resistanceFolex methodvery good
Surface tension front sideDIN 53364, ASTM D257835 - 38 mN/m
Surface tension reverse sideDIN 53364, ASTM D257844 - 48 mN/m

1 Data derived from base film Polyester manufacturer's literature for base film

2at 50°C without condensation, based on the recommendation of the "Fachgemeinschaft Eingabesysteme", they recommend max. 70°C


Nominal thickness (mil)5.2
Nominal thickness (mm)0.13
Base MaterialPolyester
Packing quantity 100

Product Applications

  • Suitable for Membrane Switches, sign production as well as for production of labels


  • Once packaging is opened, store at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60 %
  • Shelf life 1 year after delivery (under above storage conditions)

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