Waterbased Inks


White glossy self-adhesive PVC film with paper backing. Suitable for labels, posters, displays and exhibition panels.

Printing Systems


Art. NumberWidth (mm)ThicknessLength (m)
22VW0.100.340004300.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.359006100.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.390009140.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.3050010670.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.3200012700.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.3330013700.110 mm20PDF
22VW0.100.3500015200.110 mm20PDF

Technical data


  • High brillance of colours
  • Permanent self adhesive
  • Universal use


  • self-adhesive with paper backing
  • White glossy


Release linersiliconized paper ~ 0.145 mm
Width (mm)430
Thickness base material with inkjet coating0.110 mm
Core Diameter50 mm
Adhesion strength~ 3.5.N / 25 mm (A.F.E.R.A.), after 24 h ~ 10 N / 25 mm (A.F.E.R.A.)
Type of adhesivepolyacrylate dispersion
Length (m)20
Base Materialcalendered monomeric plasticized PVC, 0.100 mm
Total thickness0.260 mm
Packing quantity 1 roll


  • Suitable for most Ink Jet plotters using dye- or pigmented inks


  • Laminating: The printed surface must be protected with foils for cold lamination if it is subject to humidity, sweaty hands, abrasion or any other influences. For a short term outdoor use, SIVW must always be protected with a 5mm overlapping lamination.
  • Gluing: SIVW will stick to any solid, smooth surfaces which are dry and free of dirt, grease, silicon etc. Before gluing it is absolutely necessary to check that the surface is appropriate to this aim and that it has been prepared (cleaned) professionally. During gluing the temperature must reach at least 15°C. You can remove SIVW by heating the film’s surface with a hot air gun. Then pull it off carefully.


  • Shelf life: 1 year after delivery
  • After printing the remaining roll must be removed from the plotter and stored in its closed original packing in a cool and dry environment.

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